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Delivering the best coaching & opportunities. Many expert coaches, who have officiated at the highest level of the game.


Refereeing is a great way of meeting new people interested in Rugby League. You will make friends for life.


With hard work and dedication, you can make it to the elite levels of our game with clear pathways in place.


Refereeing is a great way to keep fit and active. It doesn’t matter how fit you are now.

Association Overview

Our History

Parramatta referees was founded in 1947 & has a rich history of success throughout. We have the strongest presence of referees in all competitions from local, NSW Junior Reps, NSW High Performance Squad and the NRL Elite Squad in history and currently.

Our Mission

The Parramatta Referees Association boasts the most esteemed reputation among all Referees Associations. We are renowned for upholding a superior standard of officiating, which is evident in our remarkable representation across all competitions.

Our Executive

We will continue to enhance the Associations' strengths by implementing new initiatives aimed at benefiting members and improving the overall quality of the refereeing experience for everyone involved. The Executive is dedicated to providing all members with the necessary support and guidance in every aspect of their Association experience.

Quality Coaching

Parramatta Referees are renowned for offering top-notch coaching, thanks to our connections with referees at higher levels who share valuable insights. Recent intake of Junior Rep referees, largest in the history of our Association, serves as evidence that we are far ahead of the competition.

Creating Friendships

We place great emphasis on being a strong and cohesive family group that encourages one another to perform to the best of our abilities. We actively foster a welcoming environment for newcomers, promoting the development of strong and positive relationships within our Association.

Quality Resources

We offer top-notch resources to our referees. All of our games that involve touch judges are equipped with the finest communication gear, ensuring effective communication among officials. Additionally, we provide access to video analysis software where you can review and analyze your games. Furthermore, we supply high-quality training gear and much more to enhance your experience.

Venue Access

By having access to the state-of-the-art training venue, the NSWRL Centre of Excellence at Homebush, our referees are provided with the opportunity to utilize world-class facilities. These facilities include a theater for weekly video reviews of games and talks, a state-of-the-art gym, recovery pools, hot & cold baths, and a field for fitness and skills development providing the best training venue for our referees.


The opportunities in the pathways have never been better, referee as a hobby or make it all the way to the NRL just like Kasey Badger!

Getting Started

Getting started and becoming a referee with Parramatta Referees is completely free and incredibly easy!

No Cost

To begin, there is no payment required for getting started with our course and workshop. The program is organised by us and comes at no cost to you. You will need equipment for both training and on-field activities, which we provide free of charge. Thanks to the Parramatta Junior League's generous and ongoing support, in collaboration with the Parramatta Leagues Club, getting started is made simple and hassle-free.

Details & Workshop

After you have provided us with your details, we will keep you informed about the date of our next workshop. In the meantime, you will need to complete the online quiz and attend any training sessions organized by the Association to prepare yourself for on-field. All training is provided free of charge, and we will monitor your progress on a weekly basis.

Match Fees

Thanks to the ongoing support of the Parramatta Junior League and the Parramatta Leagues Club, Parramatta Referees offers some of the most attractive match payments in the area. We constantly assess and seek opportunities to enhance these payments, ensuring that we remain at the forefront.

On Going Support

At Parramatta Referees, we believe in treating everyone like family and value the progress of each individual as an integral part of our Association. You're not aloneout on the field by yourself, we provide a dedicated buddy & or coach to guide and support you throughout your journey with us.

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